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Postby HilgaMan on Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:18 pm

Bass Cone wrote:
Sumaddict wrote:
HilgaMan wrote:
Sumaddict wrote:
Mr. Maker wrote:what position do you play, jw cuz im 190 lbs and i played LB in grade's 9 and 10 on the varsity team and i havent lifted a single weight in my life, i do, however, do plyometrics and basic agility/endurance excersices everyday for aaa hockey but thats just a completely different sport

If you look in my sig, it's a pic of me.
How can you not see that? I had a nightmare about that pic of yours...

I just got back from hell. I benched about 175 pounds (10x), then i squated about 300 pounds (15x). Followed by 40 pushups and then we did chin ups (20). After that we worked on the box's (You had to jump over one, hit the floor without making a noise and then get up onto a giant box and jump off. Once you finish, you start over again. (5x) After that we did wind sprints (20x) Finally, we worked on passing routes. So as you can guess, i cannot fell my legs :cry:

I hate being special

O yah, there was about 10 3 minute water breaks in between each thing :neutral:
:surprised: I feel bad for you
I don't

Okay okay I do :cry:
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