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Postby X^2 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:50 pm

Who likes these guys? They just put out a new record called "Freedom" - their only release after their seminal "The Shape of Punk to Come", which came out already in 1998.
The new albums is pretty good I think and I suggest people to check it out, whether or not you know the band. It's not a new Shape of.. by any means, but still lots of really cool songs. Like this track #1 from the album.
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Also I need to mention that I originally came to know this band from the old Sum41 website that had their "recommendations"-page haha. I remember stevo writing how Shape of punk.. had some of the best drum-work on any punk-album ever recorded haha. (another thing i found out from that page were the books of kurt vonnegut - those are awesome too)
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