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Postby Dylan on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:25 pm

Hey guys, I put together a few of my mixes that i've done in the past year or so. The tracks range from acoustic/indie to alternative/hard rock. Have a listen if you'd like and any comments or criticism is welcomed (especially regarding the drums on the last track), enjoy!

"Sixty Dollars"

This track was tracked live with both guitarist in the same room, with vocals recorded live. Bass was overdubbed afterwards.

"Up All Night"

This is my friend from school, and he performed all guitar parts and vocal harmonies. One guitar was tuned regularly, and another was tuned "Nashville" style.

"Cowgirl in the Sand [Neil Young Cover]"

This is one of my earliest recorded projects, we did two takes of guitar, one of bass, one of drums and two vocals. No guitar amps, and only 8 drum mics.

"Lady Justice"

This was my first solo producer project, I also played the bass on this track.

"Ghost Keeper"

My teacher (who also a guitarist on the first track above) wrote and performed this song on acoustic guitar, another student wrote lyrics and sang, and i played bass and rhythm electric guitar. I also programmed and arranged the drums and keyboards.

Thanks guys!
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Postby Ardi41 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:08 am

The music is not really my cup of tea... none of the songs seem to attract me really, but that's just me!
Nonetheless the production is great :)
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