[Recap] Chat With Cone (July 31, 2013)

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[Recap] Chat With Cone (July 31, 2013)

Postby Nic on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:19 pm

Yesterday, TNS held a live chat with Cone McCaslin, bassist of Sum 41. Our members, new and old, visited the site to ask Cone questions on their mind. Cone did a great job. Below, you will find a recap of many questions and his answers to them! (There are a lot, so be prepared to scroll! :smug: )

Walking Disaster wrote:is there anything new about the new album? greetings from germany :)
Nothing yet

overnow10 wrote:I loved seeing you and Sum 41 in Orlando last December. You rocked! Will you do something similar for the anniversary of Chuck?
The DTLI Tour was a special tour and I;m not sure we'd do it for every album if we had the chance but you never know. It was fun thing for us though.

sprinks41 wrote:who came up with the idea to jump around while playing Fat Lip?
Well we were very energetic 21 year olds and the jumping was just something we did when we played live. We did a lot of that stuff together in songs.

samueeL wrote:How's life been going after touring? And have you been writing some music for Operation MD/ Sum 41? Really dig everything about We're The Same, very different Sums song.
Sum 41 just finished a long tour. Its break time. I've been working on a little OpMD with Todd and we plan to do some touring now and I've also been working on some producing stuff too.

jessica182 wrote:How do you like LA? Never thought about moving there?
I don't love it. I like visiting. Don't see myself ever moving there.

gracex41 wrote:What's going on with you? ANything you're excited about?
Yes! Todd and I have a wicked new OpMD song we're going to be recording soon which we'll release as an itunes single and I'm gonna be producing an album for a singer named Kristian Montano. Hes so good.

Sum41USA wrote:Cone!! This is @Sum41USA, great to hear from you! We'd like to know what has Sum 41 been up to since ending your last tour?
Hi Sum 41 USA! No nothing at all. I;m sure we're all just doing our own things right now.

SumGeek wrote:Great to have you join us here, Cone! Especially on the 41st day into the summer.

I know you joined the band a little before you guys got signed; What are your thoughts on Sum 41 in the bands 17th year now?

Also, how's everything in OpMD land? I know there were some things in the works; really hoping you and Todd can put on another show in Toronto again!
I can't believe its been 17 years really. I've been involved for 15 but its been quite a ride. A lot of shit has happened. I'm tired thinking about it. If it wasn't for all of you we wouldn't even be talking about 17 years. so thx.

zonda95 wrote:what is your favorite bass that you have? I have a Mark hoppus bass that I repainted bright yellow that is really nice, but I saw your white p bass on tour and that things is absolutely beautiful.
I like the white one which is my fav. live bass but I also have an original 1961 P-Bass that sounds insane!

sprinks41 wrote:how and when did you meet Shannon?
All good. We actually went to high school together and then a few years after high school when we were 20 we got together. We were good friends through high school before that.

FatGuySlim wrote:do your parents or other family members call you Cone instead of your real name?
My parents don't call me Cone, some of my friends do and some don't. Shannon refuses to call me the "c" word in her words. ha.

Sum41USA wrote:What was it like to go to the Grammy's and see Blood In My Eyes on the ballot?
So awesome and surprised at the same time.

martin21387 wrote:Cone, I have a question about Stevo, you dont have to answer if you do not want to talk about it, I will understand that. I just, can you tell us something? For example why did Stevo Leave, will he return? Will Sum 41 Stay together or without Stevo is end for SUM 41? Thanks for answer. (Sorry for Bad english)
Well Steve left for many different reasons that I won't get into but him and I talked a lot about it before he quit and I understood everything and why he did it. He'll always be one of my best friends and Hes gonna be a great writer and director.

TomiT14 wrote:What's the status of Like Everyone Else? Will we ever get to hear it? :silly:
Hey Tomi, hope you're good. Ya that song will be released. I'm thinking more as an OPMD song though.

ThatJonGuy wrote:Whats your favorite sum 41 album or favorite album of all time?
DTLI for Sum 41

amber41 wrote:Who's idea was it to make the Blood In My Eyes video so scary because seriously it is like nightmare material hahahaha
We all kind of had a hand in it. I knew Michael Maxxis from other stuff he'd done and I contacted him to do the video and he wrote a treatment that was crazier then this and we went back and re-worked a different treatment which ended up being the video you see now.

Zell1010 wrote:what advice would you give to aspiring musicians/bands in the year 2013?
Thx for being into Sum 41. I would say being a great live band is what most bands should be working on and thats what will make your band successful but don't forget you'll need some good songs too!

herkyles wrote:Hey cone, do you like to listen to other genres of music, like house or reggea or something?
I hate house, I hate electronic music and techno. Its all garbage to me. I like things with guitar and real drums. Anything. All types of music you name it.

HugoDisasters wrote:what are your ambitions at this stage of your career and life? And what kind of direction do you think SUM41 is heading?
I wanna become a better musician and be a better performer and and writer and producer. I'm really focussed right now on just becoming better at everything right now. I love music and I want to keep driving myself to do better things.

Iceron96 wrote:What's your favourite sum 41's song ? Or just wich the song that you like to play more ?
Still Waiting + Over My Head are my 2 fav. songs to play live

TreblePunkette wrote:what bass strings do you use live mainly? I really like your sound! :D
Live I use Dean Markley Nickel Steel.

Resident Skumfuk wrote:What was it like working with/producing the Strumbellas, considering the music was so different from sum 41? Thx for doing this!
It was great. They are all so good at what they do but the difficult part was that there were 7 of them! So we had to go through a lot of parts and figure out whos playing what and when. I listen to a lot of acoustic folk type stuff so I was pretty confident I could nail it with them.

ThatJonGuy wrote:Did you do all your own stunts in in too deep?
That goes without saying

mira wrote:What's going on with the Operation M.D?
Recording a new Itunes single soon and looking like we might get an offer for Soundwave in OZ as well. Looking at other tours as well now that Todd's touring might be whinding down.

murder41 wrote:what was that point in your career when you released that you are known all around the world? And to know that what you do is this important for many people like us who are here with you now? :)
When we were on the Warped Tour in 2001 and Fat Lip was #1 I knew things were about to change and I am so blown away people were still coming to the shows on the last album cycle.

gracex41 wrote:So, does Steve still think you're 6' and you say less?
He knows I'm 5'11 !!!!!!

overnow10 wrote:Do you prefer a punk sound like on Underclass Hero or a heavier one like on Chuck?
A little of both. I like a bunch of songs off each of those albums.

NattyS41 wrote:Do you write your own songs?
Of coarse all the time. I play music every single day even if its for 5 mins or 2 hours. I have a shit ton of songs!

FortyOne_ wrote:What's your favorite ice cream flavour ? :P
Hey thx for being a fan. My fav ice cream flavor is very simple..... Vanilla.

NattyS41 wrote:Who are your favorite musicians?
Greetings from Argentina!
My fav bands of all time are The Clash + David Bowie

rocknrollmike wrote:The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
For me probably the Stones

CMDanaher wrote:What's the craziest/funniest thing Sum 41 has done together?
The craziest thing we ever did was go to a war zone like the Congo. Nuts but 10 years later I look back and am glad I went and saw what we saw over there. Coming around to the possibility of maybe going back to somewhere in Africa for more charity stuff.

Little_Rock_Cat wrote:Hey Cone! How do you as a DJ?
I'm a very good "Ipod" DJ. I only DJ once in a while at certain bars and events but I'm not a real DJ. I pick songs from my Ipod and play them. Thats it. I'm really good at that though!

dmitry240 wrote:Why are you always playing with pick not with finger?
Just kind of the way I learned. When i picked up a bass I was really into the grunge thing that was going on in 1994 and every one of those bas players played with a pic so thats what I did.

Mitchell wrote:Deryck mentioned you were a hypochondriac, how did/ does that affect your life as a 'rock star'?
I think we all have a little bit of that in us but ya maybe I'm a little more then everyone else. I always think I'm dying of something.

jana_skumfuk41 wrote:will you ever come to Germany with Operation M.D.?
Would love to. We're gonna work on a bunch of stuff when Todd is finished with Offspring.

Magsters41 wrote:Green Day or Blink-182?
They both do what they do very very well and its not luck why they are still going strong. They are good bands with good songs and make it work great.

whitey182 wrote:I'm sure you, much like all of us here, had seen the pictures of Dereyk at a recent Tom Petty gig in LA looking very unhealthy. Are you able to comment on this? And would it be safe to say that Dereyk's lifestyle may have led to not only a handful of cancelled gigs but also inevitably Steve's departure?

Much love.
Thx for being a fan! Obviously you're not the first person to ask me that but I'm not on here to comment on that stuff right now. I can't speak on Deryck or Steve's behalf.
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Re: [Recap] Chat With Cone (July 31, 2013)

Postby Jeremy Kill on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:39 am

Thanks for the recap, Nic! I wish I would've been available for this.
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