There's 10 Solutions

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There's 10 Solutions

Postby TomiT14 on Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:39 pm

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In early 2007, the future for Sum 41 didn't seem quite promising. Dave had left the band and there hadn't been any news about the Sums ever since. Sum 41 fansites started to die one after another.

Then all of a sudden, Sum 41 came out with an announcement that they were recording a new album for the Summer. One kid named Nic took the advantage of this new hype, and created a new superior website to unite all the fans from the dying fansites, along with new fans that had just discovered the Internet.

Since then the website has had a lot of ups and downs, highs an lows during the years. Underclass Hero era was new and exciting to all of the members, as we started to form a family that would gather around every day for a discussion about everything, not just Sum 41. Probably the best years TNS has had were 2010-2012, starting from the beginning of the neverending process of creating Screaming Bloody Murder, and lasting throughout the album cycle. At that point we had become the official fansite of the band, with direct connections to the members of Sum 41!

For 13 Voices, the activity at the forums hasn't peaked as much as the previous albums. That might be because of the rise of the social media, or just because of the fact that the members have become old as fuck, who knows. But even when the activity is low, the family is there to stay.

On behalf of the TNS crew, I would like to thank you all for these 10 incredible years. It's impossible to determine how much influence this website has had for me. I've made some great friends here, and have enjoyed moments with the band that would have never been possible without TNS.

Special thanks to Nic, Jeremy, Mitchell, Heather, Lex, Amin, Cyril, Samuel, V, Jake, Bobbyjames, Sju and countless others that have made this place like a virtual home for me.


Note: the actual date for the birthday is on April 12th. I just wanted to create this thread a little early so we could all get excited for the anniversary. :silly:

EDIT: Just noticed this is my 4100th post. :2cool4u:
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Postby Sju on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:20 pm

While this is the most active I've ever been and I only made my account in 2013, I remember discovering the site & lurking back in 2007. :2cool4u:
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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Druska on Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:07 pm

Yeah man we are getting old as fuck, turning 26 this year.
I remember all the fun and the drama we had during the first years
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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Stef on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:14 am

Yeah, party time...

Btw, will we get an unreleased sum 41 song as a suprise?

Edit; my 820 post.. 820 divided by 2 is 410... Coincidence? I think not...

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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Jeremy Kill on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:40 am

This is the longest I've ever stayed on a forum, and the most posts I've ever made on one too. This May I will have been a member for 10 whole years. :shock:

I was originally a member of a Sum 41 fansite called "SumTime" or something like that. I joined mainly because March of the Dogs was released as a digital download on iTunes and I didn't own a credit card or an iTunes account at the time, so I was looking to see if there was a free download on the interwebs. :sweat: Anyway, I found it on SumTime and listened to it on repeat as I fell asleep that day. I stayed on SumTime as it was a source of Sum 41 news and I had never really followed the band this closely before. It's crazy to think that this is how I needed to see what they were up to besides checking their official website or MySpace page. Nowadays all you need is a smartphone with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you're set!

Eventually SumTime dissipated, but thanks to that forum I knew about TNS. It didn't seem as active as SumTime, but it did look promising aesthetically, so I joined under the username "Gunner" in reference to Deryck's Pain for Pleasure alter ego. The forum continued to grow and it was just countless discussions, arguments, dry spells, band member Q&A's, and some annoying members over the ten years this site has been around. We had two "TNS Award" ceremonies, or at least, one legit one. I remember making the banner signatures for those.

I ditched the username "Gunner" for a wordplay on Jessica Kill using my actual first name. It was funny because I had done this in 2009, well before we knew Jessica Kill was going to be an actual song name and not just a working title. I just thought it sounded cool, haha.

I remember thinking that TNS was probably going to die in summer 2009, or I was going to stop posting. I spammed a lot during those dry months just to keep activity going. Sometimes I would come home after a night out drinking with my friends and make a couple drunk posts here and there, despite some people thinking I was faking it for attention. :lol!: I regret all those posts, by the way.

I don't remember when I became a moderator exactly, but I always wanted to be one on a forum when I was like 13 or 14 (we didn't have "Instagram famous" to aspire to, okay?), so when I got chosen to be a mod I was super excited.

The most fun I had on here was waiting for Screaming Bloody Murder and just following the progress of the album. At the time I was also a news poster for the site, which sometimes meant posting the YouTube update videos onto TNS. It was annoying because some videos would have the wrong title (there would be two "Studio Update #3" videos for example) and you couldn't really just change it to make sense; you just went with whatever the band titled their video. Not sure if we were being trolled or what. :roll:

Another highlight was definitely having Deryck join the forum and have him freely answering questions or just chatting with us. Once he joined I felt weird using his photos as my avatar, so I just use an old edited one of myself these days, haha.

Okay, that's enough rambling for now. I just wanted to write down some memories I had of this place as well as just share my story of how I ended up here. Maybe it'll help others share their experiences as well. I'm sorry I wrongfully downloaded March of the Dogs, but I bought two copies of Underclass Hero to make up for it. :winkwink:
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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Iam The Ghost on Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:54 pm

So, Happy Birthday to TNS! :winkwink:
Hope another 10 come! :2cool4u:
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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Ken on Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:55 am

Wow, 10 years!

Although credit is due where it's due. Nic started the site with V, who was the one who named it and got the ball rolling. It was a spinoff of PunkDisasters, which was a (primarily) blink-182 forum.

I've been checking intermittently back into TNS since the new record came out. I liked it.

Haven't been around too much (although Nic and I have stayed in touch), but glad to see the site still active.


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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby Andros on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:56 pm

Wow congratulations guys! I hope the site continues to have a long life, is one of my fav sites. Again congratulations!
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Re: There's 10 Solutions

Postby patenttiftw on Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:43 pm

Yeah, I was like 12 when i registered here haha. Had a nice time meeting Tomi a while ago after the show at Helsinki, probably most thanks to this site.

Nowadays I find it just kinda hard surfing on this kind of sites since I havent had a working computer for two years or so, and with iPad it isn't so smooth writing here. Planning on getting one soon tho so I could probably post sometimes when I have time aside from two jobs and a girlfriend :suicide:
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