Omusic Interview with Steve and Cone

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Omusic Interview with Steve and Cone

Postby Heather on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:42 pm

We interview Sum 41 at Oppi Koppi

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We interview Sum 41 at Oppi Koppi How you guys doing?

Steve: Great! It was a long flight…a very long flight to get here. But waking up this afternoon in the hotel, the sun was coming through these sheer curtains. It was this amazing pinkish, orange sun. Totally beautiful African sun set like the kind you picture. So I get up and pull the curtains apart and get this beautiful view of…the parking lot. So I’m going to have to wait a bit longer to really experience this place the way it’s supposed to be.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been in Africa though. You made a documentary, about the war In Congo and the affected children, a couple years back. Any plans to lend yourselves to other social causes in Africa? Maybe even here in SA?

Steve: Well that was something that kind of just came up. We didn’t know what we were getting into. We did it with a group called War Child Canada and they approached us and asked if we wanted to be involved. It was pretty unique experience, which in hindsight was probably really dangerous and maybe we shouldn’t have done it. But I’m glad that we did. Cone and I did some other stuff in Canada last year, to raise awareness for a cause but no plans I know if, to do anything else in Africa for now. But if we do find something that we really want to get involved in, then we do.

Your fans have waited over three years for Screaming Bloody Murder. Why did it take so long to arrive and are we looking at an equally long wait for the next one?

Cone: It’s hard to say because we’re planning on touring. So that’s 2011 gone, and then in 2012 we’re doing more world touring, so that’s pretty much the plan for now.

Steve: When we tour, we tour a lot! We’ve already been on tour for a year, and the album came out a couple months ago.

Cone: I think it’s safe to say we won’t have another album out for at least the next two years.

I find this album to be a bit darker than some other stuff you’ve done. Did you think that your loyal fans, who’ve grown up with you, would appreciate a more mature sound?

Steve: We don’t actually think about what our audience likes. I mean, I hope that they like it but you can never please everybody. I think these are just the songs that come out, and these were the ones we were gravitating towards. Deryck produced it and there’s one really long song in the middle, Dark Road to Hell. That was supposed to just be an EP, but then we thought hmmm is this good for an EP? But no, we decided to put it on the album and so it’s that sort of heavier theme that was just continued through the album. But it’s not exclusively dark.

Cone: We actually don’t, overly think about what kind of album we’re going to make. It’s just, Derek starts writing a couple of riffs, and we’ll listen and be like, ‘Oh that’s cool’ and then it sort of goes from there.

Steve: Yeah but we’ve had dark songs in the past. Like We’re All To Blame is pretty dark, but it had a really funny video, so people focus on the video and almost forget that it’s dark. So we’ve done it before, but we try to balance it out.

Had you heard about Oppi Koppi before?

Cone: Yeah we heard about it last year from the guys in Billy Talent. And I remember Ian from the band saying something about it. And we asked him, what it was about and he literally said that it was unlike any other festival they’d played at before. We were like, come on, you’ve played at hundreds of these things, and he just, again said, no man, this really is unlike anything you’ve done before.

Steve: If funny festival names is an indication of how good a festival is – like you got, Lollapalooza and er what is that other one…boozlebobber…


Steve: Right! That’s it! So oppi Koppi sounds crazy, Its gotta be cool.

You know what it means right?

Steve: Yes, we know now. It means ‘on the hill’. We’ve been getting into the local dialect, so check back in a day or two, we should be able to talk to you entirely in Afrikaans.(laughs)
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Re: Omusic Interview with Steve and Cone

Postby Gregorovich on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:36 pm

Good interview; except the spelling & grammar errors ^^
I could tell that Cone & Steve were kinda uneasy when probed about a future album. I honestly think they don't care about properly making more music at the moment and probably won't for the next 2-3 years. There's just gonna be a shitload of drinking & a shitload of touring.
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