In Too Deep originally a reggae song

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In Too Deep originally a reggae song

Postby TomiT14 on Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:15 pm

It's been super quiet lately, so let's try to have something to talk about! :silly:

A while ago I found this interview of Ben Cook from the band No Warning. The band was managed by Greig Nori, just like Sum 41 was at the time. Cook says he's heard the early recording of In Too Deep, which was a mix of pop punk and reggae.

Later, Cone confirmed it.

Other than it originally being a reggae song, it seems that the live version of In Too Deep is how it was supposed to be on the album. :ohshiz: Nice info!

About the first article though, I wouldn't take everything as truth. Originally Cook claimed that In Too Deep was written by Greig Nori alone, but they fixed the article after Cone said it was Deryck's song to begin with. Also according the article, Cook was the one who came up with the We're All To Blame riff, while Deryck has said that he got the idea for the riff from Eminem's Lose Yourself. Ben Cook has songwriting credits for All To Blame, so he did have something to do with the song, but I wouldn't trust that statement about the riff 100%.
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Postby CALKing on Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:29 pm

Huh, interesting!! Now that would be something to hear wouldn't it, a reggae version of In Too Deep. Some day in the future when I'm like friends with Sum 41 and touring with them and stuff I'm gonna get my hands on that recording, and then I'll make sure to post it here XD

But another thing, trying to get a thread started here (even if I change the subject, sorry Tomi xD). About that podcast linked in the first exclaim article (link above), they talked quiet a bit about Sum 41. But talking about the Chuck era, they really made it sound like that was just some kind of phase the band had, but I wouldn't consider it that at all. They really were moving in that direction before Chuck as well, with DTLI having a lot of heavy songs.

Even after trying something new with Underclass Hero, they returned to that again by having at least some heavy songs on SBM and a pretty heavy sound on the entirety of 13 Voices. And ever since DTLI, the heavy elements in Sum 41's music is part of what have made them so unique and have made them stand out! Any thoughts on this?
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