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Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Faeyaner on Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:28 pm

Since I only found a thread for voting one's favourite album, I want to enhance this like in the recent article featured below:
https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/r ... ds-catalog

As my copy of 13 Voices sadly hasn't arrived up till now, my ranking includes only 6 entries. I also added a rating in points in brackets behind to show how close some of my decisions were to me.

1. Chuck (9.5/10)
2. Does This Look Infected? (8.5/10, though it features some of my personal favourite songs)
3. Screaming Bloody Murder (7.5/10)
4. All Killer No Filler (7/10)
5. Half Hour of Power (6/10)
6. Underclass Hero (5/10)

Excited so see how you think! And where 13 Voices will find it's place in that ranking :2cool4u:
have a try and test your knowledge:
http://www.allthetests.com/quiz33/quiz/ ... um-41-test

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Postby jordidanen95 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:35 pm

1. Underclass Hero / 9
2. 13 Voices / 8.5
3. Chuck / 8
4. All Killer No Filler / 7.5
5. Screaming Bloody Murder / 7
6. Does This Look Infected? / 5.9
7. Half Hour Of Power / 4.9

(''Always'' is my favorite song, i hoped they were going into that direction after UH,but they didn't) it's not really UH sum41, Its not really chuck/SBM......its somewhere in between. and it feels honest...right from the heart)
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Sam_41 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:55 pm

7. Half Hour Of Power (Best song: Machine Gun)
6. All Killer No Filler (Best song: In Too Deep)
5. Does This Look Infected? (Best song: Still Waiting)
4. Underclass Hero (Best song: The Jester)
3. Chuck (Best song: No Reson)
2. Screaming Bloody Murder (Best song: Sick Of Everyone)
1. 13 Voices (Best song: Twisted By Design)
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby jacobbadillo41 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:22 pm

1. 13 Voices (9/10) Best song:The fall and the Rise/Twisted by design
2. Screaming Bloody Murder (9/10) Best song: Blood in my eyes
3. Chuck (8.5/10) Best song: No reason
4. Does This Look Infected? (8/10) Best Song: Over my head
5. All Killer no filler (6.5/10) Best song: In too deep
6. Underclass Hero (6/10) Best song: Count your last blessings
7. Half Hour of Power (5/10) Best song: What i Believe
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Postby ashzx on Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:09 pm

1.) Chuck (9.5/10)
Top 3 Songs: The Bitter End / No Reason / 88

2.) 13 Voices (9/10)
Top 3 Songs: Goddamn I'm Dead Again / Twisted by Design / 13 Voices

3.) Screaming Bloody Murder (8.5/10)
Top 3 Songs: Screaming Bloody Murder / Blood In My Eyes / Skumfuk

4.) Does This Look Infected? (8.5/10)
Top 3 Songs: The Hell Song / Over My Head (Better off Dead) / No Brains

5.) Underclass Hero (8/10)
Top 3 Songs: Count Your Last Blessings / Underclass Hero / The Jester

6.) All Killer No Filler (6/10)
Top 3 Songs: In Too Deep / Heart Attack / Pain for Pleasure

7.) Half Hour of Power (3/10)
Top 3 Songs: Machine Gun / Dave's Possessed Hair / Grab the Devil
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Klim Ivanin on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:03 pm

1. Chuck
2. Screaming Bloody Murder
3. Does this look infected?
4. Underclass Hero
5. 13 voices
6. All killer no filler
7. Half hour of power

To my regret, I have to say that 13 voices is full of cliches to me. Most of the songs on this record sound like alternate versions of already existing ones. Mainly I talk about the vocal melodies Deryck wrote. In terms of musical thought, nothing on this record comes close to "We'are all to blame" or "88", for example. The instrumental part of the album is pretty good as we can see some new things Deryck hasn't done before.
It is almost impossible to burst new ideas always, especially after 2 decades of being in one musical project. And Honestly, I know only few examples when bands\artists kept progressing musically after such a long time in music industry. So concerning it, 13 voices turned out better than I expected.
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby samueeL on Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:41 pm

1. Chuck
2. Screaming Bloody Murder
3. 13 Voices
4. Underclass Hero

Right now I'd put 13 Voices there but I feel like it's a grower not a shower. Need to listen to it more to decide these things. I'm very happy with the record though. I think the main problem is the length, after "intro" there's just 9 songs on the album. Feel like it could use at least 1 more fast paced aggressive song in the middle of the record. I also love how Chuck manages to be heavy, aggressive and catchy at the same time.
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Postby pescidavid on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:03 am

This is tough but I think I can do it. But for the record I love every sum 41 record just some more than others so it's like my rating scale is 7. Great to 1. Most great
it hits the perfect angst and balance between pop punk and heavy. My favorite song is "Hooch" by far. Great rage and then a calm following the storm. A perfect album closer. Although it's not as heavy as Chuck in a weird way it feels more aggressive. It's something I can't explain, yet what pushes it to the top for me.
obviously a well loved classic for a reason, and to be honest these top 3 in particular are all very close. Great riffs and growth on this album with new vibes found on pieces and slipping away, with my favorite sum 41 track of all time "88"
3. 13 Voices
it does just feel like a comeback album doesn't it? So far I like every song, and Dave won't let you miss that he's back! Some of the best guitar work in their catalog is on this album. Some are saying that the songs are cliché but I know too much context to feel that way. I feel like these lyrics are an accurate representation of what Deryck has felt and gone through and not just writing on generic topics. In that way maybe I project more of his story onto these songs more than I should, but I really do love this record. Best song is Goddamn I'm dead again for sure (closely followed by fake my own death.... 13 voices bad ass level is a 10 for sure
although it's not my favorite style of sum 41 it is a really solid record and easy to see why it was their break out. All the songs are catchy and tight, there isn't one I wouldn't miss, but Ive always been a sucker for the sometimes forgotten "handle this"
5. UH
(gasps and awe! I put this before Sbm?!? Well to be fair they are pretty close for me, but I do think that for what this album was going for it succeeded better than its follow up. Don't get me wrong this album has too many songs that are either lame or a lesser version of another song on the record but when it hits it really does hit. Some of sum 41s best songs are on here. With me, walking disaster, count your last blessings, speak of the devil, and my favorite "pull the curtain" are all fantastic, if it wasn't for most of the others it would have been a really good ep!)
Like underclass hero I loved sbm a lot when it came out, but over time the flaws became more apparent. The biggest on this album for me is that too many of the songs feel like they were Frankenstein-d together. The beginning of skumfuk feels like it has nothing to do with the rest of the song. The intro and guitar solo of blood in my eyes feel like a completely different song than the verses and chorus. The one place they made this work was on the dark road out of hell. It also feels like this album has no idea what it wants to be. Seriously where the heck did time for you to go and baby you don't want to know come from?!? They sound way too different from the rest of the record. Besides they almost feel like the same song. Chose the better bydwtk and cut the other at least. Anyways it may sound like I hate this record but I don't, it just has its problems for me. I like the more traditional 41 rockers on this one like screaming bloody murder and back where I belong. Good shit.
I actually don't have much to say about this one. It's a confused album, but I like most of the tracks. Grab the devil by the horns is classic and machine gun is fun, but for my favorite I have to go with the original hit "makes no difference"
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Jeremy Kill on Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:49 am

13 Voices
Screaming Bloody Murder
Does This Look Infected?
Underclass Hero
All Killer No Filler
Half Hour of Power

I'll start off by saying that I don't think 13 Voices is the best Sum 41 album ever, but it has some of the best songs I have ever heard by them. If 13 Voices and Screaming Bloody Murder were one album, then that would probably be the best work they've ever done. I feel like 13 Voices could've been the natural progression right after Chuck. It's a slight blend of what made Underclass Hero and Screaming Bloody Murder so good.
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby SumGeek on Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:26 pm

Jeremy Kill wrote: It's a slight blend of what made Underclass Hero and Screaming Bloody Murder so good.

I agree. Honestly, I hear Underclass Hero and Screaming Bloody Murder in 13 Voices. Not sure if I'm the only one who has, but it's something I heard throughout the first listen.

Right now, I don't think 13 Voices has made it's way to the top, I think SBM still holds this spot. Maybe I'm just too attached to SBM still because it's been five years. However, 13 Voices is a continuation of some of the Sums best work. I swear, Sum 41 is the band I have most trouble ranking albums, but I'll try this again:

1. Screaming Bloody Murder
2. 13 Voices
3. Chuck
4. Does This Look Infected?
5. All Killer, No Filler
6. Underclass Hero
7. Half Hour of Power

For me, it's about the album collectively as one whole piece, not based off my favourite tracks. I in no way have least favourites, it's just the order each fell in. I loved a lot of the lyrics from SBM, so that is another reason why it's high up for me. Also why 13 Voices is just following it. I think we should have lyric thread because they just get better with time. God Save Us All (Death to POP) is one of my favourites lyrically.
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Does This Look Infected?
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Postby fergal41 on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:05 am

1. Does This Look Infected?
2. Chuck
3. All Killer No Filler
4. Half Hour of Power
5. Screaming Bloody Murder
6. 13 Voices
7. Underclass Hero
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby bizzyd676 on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:30 pm

1. Chuck (Still their most complete album, great from start to finish, most classics, even the bonus tracks are all amazing)
2. 13 Voices (There heaviest most coherent album yet, every piece fits in great)
3. SBM (On this album there was a lot of diversity and musical first for them that worked well, and overtime the 2 out of place songs also grew on me)
4. UH (Although they played it really safe here and borrowed alot of motifs from American Idiot this by far was there best lyrical output and Dear Father is the only song that didn't ever stick)
5. AKNF (I love the energy and this was obviously them at their catchiest)
6. DTLI (Not really a weak song on here, but this album gets sort of monotonous when played front to back)
7. HHoP (Obviously this is their weakest offering simply because of the length and abundance of instrumentals, but still great sign of things that were to come)
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Max on Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:51 pm

Tough question, it changes most of the time but DTLI has always remained my favourite. Still a bit gutted that the UK never got the 10th anniversary tour.

3. Chuck
4. 13 Voices
5. SBM
6. UH
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Ansem on Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:58 pm

#1 is easy but after that it's rough to choose.
Especially hard to rank 13 Voices as it hasn't been out that long.

#1. Chuck
top 3 songs: 88 / There's No Solution / No Reason

#2. Does This Look Infected?
top 3 songs: Thanks for Nothing / Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condroid / Still Waiting

#3. Screaming Bloody Murder
top 3 songs: A Dark Road Out of Hell / Blood in My Eyes / What Am I to Say

#4. 13 Voices
top 3 songs: There Will Be Blood / 13 Voices / Twisted By Design
still too early to say really, only song I'm not (yet?) a fan of is War.

#5. Half Hour of Power
top 3 songs: Second Chance for Max Headroom / Machine Gun / Summer

#6. Underclass Hero
top 3 songs: The Jester / With Me / Pull the Curtain

#7. All Killer No Filler
top 3 songs: Nothing on My Back / Rhythms / Handle This
and a special shootout for All She's Got

Overall favorite song 88, I hope they'll play it on the Europe tour next year but chance is small I guess since the non-hits will mainly be from 13 Voices. :silly: Same for A Dark Road Out of Hell.
Would be a dream come true if I could see them play Chuck completely someday.
Anyway I really like all their albums, and depending on my mood I could prefer the earlier songs over the recent songs. Overall Sum 41 just have a really strong discography and I'm glad they're not afraid to try new things.
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby TomiT14 on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:16 pm

Ansem wrote:Overall Sum 41 just have a really strong discography and I'm glad they're not afraid to try new things.

This is probably the biggest reason I became a superfan. Every record is so different from each other.
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby Lars on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:53 pm

This is a tough one, although it never changes that much.

1. Screaming Bloody Murder
2. 13 Voices
3. Underclass Hero
4. Chuck
5. Does This Look Infected?
6. All Killer No Filler
7. Half Hour of Power

So... 13 Voices actually is the first 'new' album that didn't top my list... Yet. It still has to grow on me, but it might hop to number one in a few weeks.
All Killer No Filler
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Re: Rank Sum 41's Records!

Postby The Jester on Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:20 pm

For me it kinda depends on what mood I'm in, or what I'm paying attention to at that moment. It think all of their albums have very strong points and I think they all have some weaker points.

HHOP: I actually rarely listen to it. Listened to it this morning in full and it just made me smile. Some intstrumental bits are just soo fun and goofy and you have Deryck being an undeveloped singer which adds a lot of how you don't take it seriously and enjoy it for what it is. Doesn't really have any standout song for me.

AKNF: I don't listen to it that much. Think it's vocally a lot better than HHOP and also a bit more cohesive. It's musically better but a bit less fun I think. Fat Lip and In too Deep are the bomb, Handle This suprises me every time in that they had a pretty good slower song back then already and Pain for Pleasure is awesome. Also I reference Introduction to Destruction way too many much.

DTLI: I listen a fair bit to the songs, but almost never the album. I don't like the production of it, and I think it's the album with the least variety in the songs. Still, the singles, No Brains, Mr. Amsterdam and Hooch are great. + I always forget how awesome World War VII and Reign In Pain are

Chuck: Love Chuck. Bigger darker and more varied than DTLI. Production is also a lot better. Only track I really don't like is Open Your Eyes, though I often end up skipping from Bitter end to I'm not the One. 88 is one of my absolute favourites, though sometimes it feels to me that it's not completely finished and it would've come out better if it had been written in the SBM era. Shame they never play it live in its entirety. Bonus tracks are ok. Always do a few repeats of the Subject to change intro, and Noots is the most upbeat sounding song on the album.

Underclass Hero: Think UH is one the more mediocre albums, even though lyrically it may be their strongest. I feel like instrumentally it's just very bland compared to all the other albums. It has a few interesting bits, but they often don't pay off for the song. Not to mention it feels like they tried to get the American Idiot vibe too much, along with a bit too many ideas that they'd already done before, or seemed too little like Sum 41, and too much like another band. Underclass Hero seems like the political take on Fat Lip, not to mention the chorus being a recycled chorus of a Chuck B-side, Count Your Last Blessings is a song about addiction that at times is way too much like Angels With Dirty Faces (and noone can help me), and there's King of Contradiction, which is basically the exact UH version of Welcome To Hell. Still awesome song tho. Walking Disaster is a good song that still somehow rarely makes it to my playlist. The Jester is great, Pull the Curtain fucking amazing and I think on of their most underrated songs. Still I feel that like 88 it has bits and pieces that deserved more developtment than they got. So long goodbye and look at me are very nice acoustic songs and are an ok way to end the album. Main issue with it is so much of this album blurs together. And Ma Poubelle :suicide: .Bonus tracks are ok.

Screaming Bloody Murder. Took me a while to get into it, but I fucking love it. Deryck was a bit all over the place and so is the album, which results in so. many. good. bits. but also results in a bit of a lack of cohesion which would've helped in having more single type songs. Only songs I don't really like are the late additions, TFYTG and BYDWK, which happened to be a single. For the rest, it has A Dark Road Out Of Hell, which I love so. fucking. much. Basically love every song except the late additions. Think it's their best vocally as well. Reason To Believe is among my favourite ever album intro songs.

13 Voices. Feels like a more cohesive and comprehensive mix of Chuck and SBM. Ironically, SBM seems like a man descending to hell whereas the real dark road out of hell seems to be 13 Voices. Overall, it's a bit less heavy in ideas and variation then SBM, and sometimes a bit too many effects than I feel are necessary. The only 2 songs with a really deviating structure are the first 2, and after that the songs almost all have the same structure of building up to a big chorus in some way. I think that's kind of a shame as I love longer, more complicated songs and Sum 41 can be fucking great at it. Still I'm in love with many of the songs though. Bonus songs are pretty good as well, though they seem a bit unfinished. Black Eyes kicks ass.

Overall, it's clear for me that 13 Voices, Chuck and Screaming Bloody Murder are their best albums. Don't make me pick one.

The Jester
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Postby spider-man on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:29 am

1. Does this look infected

This album will always be the top for me. Songs like No Brains and Mr. Amsterdam really strike that balance of punk and metal that I love so much. This is the album I point to if I want to explain my taste in music.

2. 13 voices

What I love about this album is that it has the cool dark melodies of SBM mixed with the energy of DTLI. I wish there was a tiny bit more of a metal edge overall, but it's still a great rock album at the end of the day.

3. Chuck

This one comes before SBM only because of the metal edge that I love. Otherwise, they would be tied for 3rd. I love all the songs on here, but I generally don't listen to it all together. I listen to pieces or slipping away when I'm in the mood for the slow stuff, but end up skipping them most of the time because I want to keep the energy up.

4. SBM

I do love this album, but like with chuck, I have to listen to different songs when I'm in a different mood. I don't want to hear a song like BYDWK after blood in my eyes haha.

Songs like Jessica kill and screaming bloody murder are some of my favorite sum 41 songs ever, so the album gets a lot of love from me. But I wish some of the songs would have stayed heavy instead of slowing down (such as reason to believe and blood in my eyes)

What makes this album so meaningful is the fact that it brought back the heavy sound to sum 41 after I thought it was gone forever. Hearing a song like Jessica kill wasn't expected coming after underclass hero (at least for me)

5. Underclass hero

When this album came out, I actually really wanted them to make a pop punk album. So I loved it for sure. The main problem with this album is the use of the same vocal melody and chord progression in about 5 songs (B F# G# E)

Even so, there are still a good chunk of songs I love on this album. Count your last blessings and king of contradiction are great heavy songs even. And The Jester felt like the start of the SBM sound with the sinister sounding melodies. And the pop punk fan in me will always love songs like walking disaster.

6. All killer no filler

like most people, my first sum 41 song was fat lip, and this was my first album. This is a great pop punk album. but when I think of sum 41 being my favorite band, it's not because of this sound. I think of the darker heavy stuff for sure.


Grab the devil might be my favorite first track on a sum 41 album, so I have to give it credit for sure. Over all, the songs just aren't as interesting as the later albums. But it's still sum 41 at the end of the day :)
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Postby Schmiznatch on Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:03 am

Hey Y'all. I liked the detailed information everyone provided. I struggled to find a great format, but I have listed them from least to most favorite.

7.) Half Hour of Power
Top 3 Songs: T.H.T / Makes No Difference / Machine Gun
- I most enjoyed hearing the raw energy and infectious riffs, but the production, lyrics, and musical construction all demonstrate a band learning to play and create together.

6.) All Killer No Filler
Top 3 Songs: Motivation / Rhythms / Heart Attack
- This was an amazing launching point for the band and foreshadows many things for their career. The introduction and structuring of the album is great, I can easily listen to this album and have a great time. The low ranking has everything to do with my personal taste. I feel the lyrics don't leave one satisfied, but it is still a great summertime cruise record.

5.) Underclass Hero
Top 3 Songs: Pull The Curtain / Count Your Last Blessings / Speak of the Devil
- I still feel that this album was caught in two minds. Deryck seems to dig deeper lyrically and really pushes the band into themes and topics that focus our attention on his personal life experiences. The departure of Dave seems to have influenced the structuring of the album. The desire to bring back the standardized guitar effects and uninspiring chord progressions dampens an otherwise ambitious shift in their approach.

4.) 13 Voices
Top 3 Songs: Goddamn I'm Dead Again / The Fall & The Rise / 13 Voices
- Any album that stems from the fracturing of a creative person's social circle, the destruction of their personal health, and the addition of another guitarist creates an uncertain future. I had hopes for a thematic album, pushing Deryck to dig into personal experiences and details we had all speculated over. Unfortunately, I feel that these factors combined to create a very independent songwriter, set on controlling and shaping every sound on the record. This album is filled with a massive amount of productive flair and distortions for nearly every instrument (especially his voice). The result is a great concept, undercut by bland and non-descript lyrics, nu-metal riffs, and an abundance of tinny, compressed effects. If you're feeling upset or the world is against you, crank it up and jam along.

3.) Screaming Bloody Murder
Top 3 Songs: Reason to Believe / Dark Road Out of Hell (Cheating, i know) / Screaming Bloody Murder
- Deryck clearly heard and felt the effects of 41 concerts crammed with poppish flair and not enough destruction, darkness, and metallic riffs; this provided the drive for SBM. The result is an album that is surprisingly well-structured and thoroughly playable for fans of metal, punk, rock, and even the odd pop fan. We find Deryck upping his lyrical descriptions, Stevo's drumming crushes nearly every track and provides the rock instrumentation that was missing from UH. Yet, again, we see some great instrumentation, production, and structure undone by songs that must have been inserted to break-up the death and destruction. "Time For You To Go" and "Baby You Don't Wanna Know" make appearances in an album focused on murder, death, and loss; utterly breaking the themes that make this album so great.

2.) Chuck
Top 3 Songs: 88 / No Reason / We're All to Blame
- In an attempt to push the band above their pop-punk roots, this album delivers a structured, balanced, and intense ride through a group developing their legacy and perfecting the skills that I believe we all most appreciate from Sum 41. No Reason is a great example, the mixing and effects in the instrumentation and vocals come together beautifully and layer one-another to finish the song in a satisfying and logical progression. The fact that Pieces, We're All to Blame, the Bitter End, and 88 all manage to resonate with fans without sounding like a compilation of different styles, for me, represents a talented group executing their sound to perfection.

1.) Does This Look Infected?
Top 3 Songs: Still Waiting / Over My Head (Better off Dead) / Thanks For Nothing
- I place this album at the top as it does everything that Chuck manages to pull off, but the catalyst (for my taste) has to be this punkier edge to Sum 41 that has been lacking ever since. This is the ultimate transition stage between a band set on pop-punk and metal/hard rock. Underclass Hero attempts a similar balancing act, but poorly executes in ways that DTLI excels. The ability to layer interlocking arrangements, construct meaningful lyrics, and provide great rock instrumentation in a punkish skin is something that I genuinely feel I cannot find in any other band's discography. Green Day, Blink 182, MCR, Alkaline Trio, and many other bands of this genre in the early 2000s have captured my interests; but no band that I found have been capable of artfully crafting an album of this quality. I can still pop this album on and enjoy bouncing along with the exciting riffs just as much as I enjoyed reviewing and pondering the purpose or focus of the lyrics.

Isn't it great that we have so many wonderful Sum 41 albums?
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