Sum 41 France interviews Frank Zummo !

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Sum 41 France interviews Frank Zummo !

Postby 182sins on Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:43 pm

Hi guys,

Here's our interview with Frank Zummo, hope you'll enjoy it :)

Sum41fr: First of all welcome to the great Sum 41 family ! We’re really happy about that. We saw that you just became a Dad, we can say the year is starting quite well for you !
Frank: Thanks tons ! It’s been an amazing New Year so far and fatherhood has been the absolute greatest !

Sum41fr: How did you first meet Deryck ? Tell us about your arrival in the band. We know you have been working (secretly) with Deryck for a few years.
Frank: I first met Deryck about 10 years ago, when my group Street Drum Corps was on the Vans Warped Tour with Sum 41. We kept bumping into each other over the years and we collabrated together in 2010 with Tommy Lee for the Guitar Center Drum Off Concert in LA. Then Deryck joined Street Drum Corps in Las Vegas for our residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in 2013. After that show, we started jamming together and discussing Sum 41 stuff. We really jelled well together as we kept jamming and hanging out. Cone & Tom came out to LA for almost 2 weeks and we jammed everyday for hours and hung. It went really well and that’s when things got serious. Early last Summer Deryck had booked some solo shows to get back onstage. It was a great opportunity for us to get onstage together and play Sum 41 tunes live. Those shows were a blast and when they wrapped we dove back into full Sum 41 band rehearsals with Brownsound to prepare for the Alternative Press Music Awards w/ DMC. That was my first major show with Sum 41 and it was fucking epic ! It’s been a full year now of working on the new record, recording, rehearsing and performing live. I’m really looking forward to 2016’s touring and new record !

Sum41fr: What was your opinion about the band before you joined ? Did you follow their career ?
Frank: I was always a big fan from day one. Ages ago, My coverband use to play Fat Lip in our set. I saw them live on the Warped Tour in Canada years ago and was completely blown away by their live show and how amazing Deryck was as a frontman and comanding the audience.

Sum41fr: Which album is the one you enjoy the most listening to ?
Frank: Chuck is my fave ! I remember hearing All To Blame on the radio for the first time and was completely blown away !

Sum41fr: What are the songs you like to play the most with the band ?
Frank: The whole set is my fave, as it’s all been a blast to play live ! I pretty much have learned the entire catalog over the past year.

Sum41fr: Have you ever met Stevo ? Have you two talked since you’ve joined the band ?
Frank: I think we briefly met on a Warped Tour ages ago and I haven’t spoken or seen him since.

Sum41fr: You’ve recently finished your drums parts for the new record. What more can you tell us about the new album that we don’t already know ?
Frank: This record will definitely not disappoint and will be worth the wait !

Sum41fr: Let’s talk about you: what did you do before joining Sum 41 ?
Frank: I’ve been with Street Drum Corps for the past 12 years and it’s still going strong and a blast to perform and create with. I’ve also been performing with Krewella for the past year. A few summer’s ago I got to fill in for Tommy Lee in Motley Crue, while he had an injured hand. It was the most amazing & insane 2 weeks ever !

Sum41fr: How will your arrival in the band affect your other projects ?
Frank: It just take a good balance and everything always works out.

Sum41fr: Do you already have a favorite song on the new album ? Without giving us any title, could you maybe give us some clue that would help us guess which song it is when the album comes out ?
Frank: I’m in love with the record as a whole !

Sum41fr: Are there any songs of Sum 41 that were rarely or never played live and that you’d like to play ? I’m thinking about The Jester, Thanks For Nothing, Always, The Bitter End for example.
Frank: I really like Some Say & I’m Not The One from Chuck and would love to play those live one day.

Sum41fr: Be as honest as you can: What, in your opinion, does this album have that the other ones don’t ?
Frank: It’s got some really amazing energy and it’s been amazing watching Deryck create and come back in an amazing healthy and positive way !

Sum41fr: Have you already talked about an album title or a release date for the first single ?
Frank: All of that is still being worked out.

Sum41fr: What are the most recurring reactions you’ve seen about your arrival in the band until now ?
Frank: It’s been really great and super welcoming ! Sum 41 has really amazing passonite fans and it’s been great meeting them and seeing the reaction at the live shows !

Sum41fr: To what extent did you help in the writing of this new album ?
Frank: Deryck & I worked really hard over the past year and did a lot of pre production before hitting the studio to track the drums.

Sum41fr: Do you have any experience in singing ?
Frank: Yeah, I’ll be screaming away during the live shows.

Bonus :
• Family Guy or South Park : Family Guy
• Playstation or Xbox : I don’t play video games
• Star Wars or Lors of the Rings : Star Wars
• Marvel or DC : Marvel
• Chuck or Screaming Bloody Murder ? Chuck
• Fat Lip or In Too Deep ? Fat Lip
• If you had to have a romantic relationship with another member in the band, who would it be ? My drumset !
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Postby Iam The Ghost on Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:33 pm

My problem with this interview is you could have literally asked me and I could have answered the same. I expected he wouldn't tell anything new about the coming album, but even the other answers are meaningless. The only new thing is how they know eacrh other, but it's not a big story.

But whatever, I'm okay with him and looking forward how this new Sum 41 will sound and perform.
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