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Postby bizzyd676 on Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:24 pm

Half Hour Of Power
B: Another Time Around
W: T.H.T
U: Second Chance For Max Headroom
O: Makes No Difference

All Killer, No Filler
B: Rhythms
W: Pain For Pleasure
U: Handle This
O: In Too Deep

Does This Look Infected?
B: Over My Head
W: A.N.I.C.
U: No Brains
O: Still Waiting

B: There’s No Solution
W: Welcome To Hell
U: Angels with Dirty Faces
O: The Bitter End

Underclass Hero
B: Pull The Curtain
W: Dear Father
U: Count Your Last Blessings
O: With Me

Screaming Bloody Murder
B: Sick Of Everyone
W: Back Where I Belong
U: Crash
O: Baby You Don’t Wanna Know
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Re: Best/Worst/Underrated Song

Postby Azyan Auni on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:56 am

Half Hour of Power
B - Makes No Difference
W - T.H.T
U - Summer
O -

All Killer, No Filler
B - In Too Deep
W - Heart Attack
U - Handle This
O - Fat Lip

Does This Look Infected?
B - The Hell Song
W - A.N.I.C
U - All Messed Up
O - My Direction

B - Pieces/We're All to Blame
W - Slipping Away
U - I'm Not The One
O - No Reason

Underclass Hero
B - Best of Me
W - March of The Dogs
U - Walking Disaster
O - Underclass Hero

Screaming Bloody Murder
B - Reason to Believe/ Blood in My Eyes
W - Holy Image of Lies
U - Baby You Don't Wanna Know
O - Sick of Everyone

B - Chuck
W - Half Hour of Power
U - Underclass Hero
O - Screaming Bloody Murder

I think that all of the bonus songs are awesome, except Look at Me (it's too boring)
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Postby mango12 on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:33 pm

Half Hour Of Power
B: Summer
W: 32 Ways To Die
U: Ride The Chariot To The Devil
O: Makes No Difference

All Killer, No Filler
B: Fat Lip
W: Nothing On My Back
U: All She's Got
O: In Too Deep

Does This Look Infected?
B: Over My Head (Better Of Dead)
W: My Direction
U: All Messed Up
O: Mr. Amsterdam

B: No Reason
W: The Bitter End
U: Angels With Dirty Faces
O: Some Say

Underclass Hero
B: Underclass Hero
W: Dear Father
U: Look At Me
O: Pull The Curtain

Screaming Bloody Murder
B: Reason To Believe
W: What Am I To Say
U: Crash
O: Baby You Don't Wanna Know
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