BIME video is never going to come out (vent thread)

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Re: BIME video is never going to come out (vent thread)

Postby FuckT41182 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:12 pm

Vash15 wrote:
FuckT41182 wrote:
TomiT14 wrote:
RODNEYMULLEN wrote:It's just a music video. I don't really care if it comes out or not, it's a great song but i don't really care about music videos, besides the underclass hero videos were nowhere near as good as earlier videos.

Um, so? This video is nowhere near any of their earlier videos. Comparing BIME to, let's say, With Me, would be like comparing Inception the movie to Titanic. Yeah, same guy headlining, but you can't really compare them.

Hmm, you can totally compare, you can compare the siblings - Underclass Hero song and Fat Lip, UH being just a weak effort to regain the fame of Fat Lip, you can definitely compare these two songs.

You can also compare With Me and Pieces, while Pieces had a good video with an original idea, With Me was quite cliche, With Me video was not bad, but you can see that kind of stuff in many many other things these days...

That's not what he's saying. Comparing Inception to Titanic is saying that while both films have Leonardo DiCaprio, the people in charge are completely different, making for two contrasting experiences. So while Sum 41 may have made both songs, the label, the funding, the director, they're all completely different, so there's less to work with, and different ideas of how to do it. Sum 41 doesn't have direct control over every aspect of their videos.

How does any of what you said change the fact that one video is weak and the other is strong ? And somehow I don't think that Tomi meant to say that although the actors are the same the directors change with every video, because that would be an invalid point. I don't care if it was shot under the supervisory skills of Steven Spielberg or Federico Fellini, I just look at the product and determine it's quality, and I do believe that I can compare Fat Lip with UH, just as can compare With Me with Pieces.

I agree that Pieces and With Me, although they both are slow songs, revolve around different ideas. However, both of the ideas are meant to be deep and mean something to people, they are meant to make you think about life, make you re-evaluate it. That's why I feel like I can compare them two, and my opinion is that Pieces is more original than With Me. I'm talking about the idea, not the adaptation. Though, everything about the Pieces video seems better to me, the idea is strong and original and they did a good job shooting it.

I can see how UH was meant to be the new Fat Lip, the new hit, the new obsession. Also, the similarities between the UH video and the video of Fat Lip are clearly visible to everybody, just as the similarities of the sound are perceptible by the ear of every conscious human being, you definitely can compare FL with UH, based on the attemted revival of their old ''success'' song.

Also, all the videos from Uh were shooted under the same label, Sum 41 have been signed to Island Record ever since 1999 up until now. Sum 41 were playing good sheep during the UH era, IR wasn't restricting them back then. Now Sum 41 are revolting and IR do have objections.
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Re: BIME video is never going to come out (vent thread)

Postby TomiT14 on Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:30 pm

What I was trying to say was that, yeah, you can compare BIME and With Me videos, but they are in a totally different league. Titanic is a romantic love story, while Inception is a sci-fi action movie. The only similarity between the movies is Leonardo DiCaprio. The only similarity between the BIME and With Me videos is that Sum 41 is starring.

Other example would be South Park and Looney Tunes. Yeah, both are cartoon animations, but I wouldn't put them in the same basket.
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