Rocking out in Thrillburg!

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Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby Mitchell on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:51 pm

As most of you may know, I saw and met Sum 41 in Tilburg last sunday.
Cause a lot of people on here share their experiences I decided to share my story from the beginning to the very end as well.

Note: all my sources/ connections will be kept anonymous to make sure they'll be left alone, I have already received 4 requests to arrange something.

It all started out early June, I was packing up my stuff for my trip to amsterdam to see Billy Talent when Dan Moyse replied to my tweet (I asked him if I should get my hopes up for a show in the netherlands) telling me to get excited.
Only hours after that Sum 41 announced a couple of shows including one in Tilburg, after tweeting about it, I danced my way back to my bags cause I had little time left to finish packing. I was kinda bothered by the fact that I had my driving exam (this was for the driving license that allows me to drive around with trailers), but I didn't even think of not going.
After packing, I remembered one of my connections telling me to tell them when I was going to see Sum 41 cause they could possibly arrange something for me.
They then told me that they would see what they could do, I was told to remind them a week ahead to make sure the sums don't forget about it.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I've already got my tickets and rallied up 4 friends to come with me. The only thing left is setting up a Sum 41 meet-up.
After asking Dan if it was ok for me to meet the guys my connection got redirected to their manager. After a long nerve wracking couple of days I was asked to hit him up.
He told me he could arrange something and told me to contact him in 2 days.
2 days later (2 days before the show) he told me the guys were up for it, he'd hit me up with further details.

Sunday July 8th, I still don't have any clue as to what's going to happen tonight, their manager hasn't been very clear about what the plan is for tonight so I leave early.
One of my friends and I arrive at the venue around 2pm, unfortunately we're not the first ones in line, about 8 people got there before us.
6 hours of waiting till the doors finally opened wasn't as bad as last time when I had to stand in a fucking storm while suffering from extreme pain.

6pm, right before opening the doors the security guards announce that anyone carrying bags will have to get their bags checked out, they therefore have to stand in the line on the left, I couldn't be happier at that point.
2 minutes later, karma fucks me, the scanner won't scan my tickets.
After a a minute of trying the guard lets me through anyways, I run towards a door (the wrong door) to confuse the 4 people ahead of me, they all start running towards the same door when I quickly take a left and sprint up the stairs (the right way).
After taking another sprint towards the stage I made it to the center of the front row, fuck yeah!

After an hour of waiting (while really needing to take a piss) the first band finally started playing, they were pretty entertaining but not entirely my style.
Their pink haired female singer was definitely an eyecatchter.
They ended their set after 30 minutes of playing.

The second opening band took their time, they finally came on stage after letting us wait an hour. Many people, including me, were pissed off and either yelled at them or didn't move at all. Not only were were they 30 minutes late, they also sucked.
I can describe them as a combination of Simple plan and all time low, but not the good kind. They were trying so act like some kinda boyband, they even played 2 covers of songs by R&B artists. Fuck you Destine!

After the second band got their shit off of the stage, the Sum 41 crew could finally begin setting up the real deal.
It took them about 30 minutes to set everything up and test the equipment, but there appeared to be a technical problem so we had to wait another 15 minutes.

Finally, after 4 ACDC songs, 'TNT' finally started blasting through the speakers.
At that point I was hoping to hear the Reason To Believe intro noises, but expected to hear Intro.

2 minutes later, the lights go out and I hear the RTB intro noises, I'm fucking stoked!
Steve comes up and starts pounding the drums, the other guys come up as well and I finally get to hear Reason to believe live. Everyone chants along during the outro of reason to believe, some even whip out their lighters/ phones.

I barely had the time to get my phone back in my pocket before I hear the infamous intro to Mr. Amsterdam, the crowd starts clapping along to the beat as Deryck hands his guitar over to one of their new guitar techs. I immediately notice how energetic his performance is and how healthy he looks (I've had my worries in the past, but it looks like Deryck is taking good care of himself again).
As soon as they finished playing Mr. Amsterdam I did the 41 salute, it got me on stage last time so I figured it wouldn't hurt to do it early. Deryck noticed me and told the entire crowd to do the 41 salute.

Up next: Motivation.
The crowd jumped and sang along to the song as hard as they could, I fucking loved the slayer riff they played at the end of the song.

In Too Deep was next, I'm not that into that song but it's a great song to hear live and sing along to, I enjoyed it.

I immediately knew they were gonna play We're all to blame when they played the 4 chord intro, shit was getting heavy at that point. I got my head slammed into the barrier when a crowdsurfer landed on the back of my head.
After the second chorus Deryck started picking people from the crowd, unfortunately those people were all on the left side of the crowd.

After WATB, Deryck started playing those random notes like he always does, so I knew either Walking Disaster or SBM was coming up next. I got my phone out of my pocket to hold it up like everyone did with their phones/ lighters last time, but I was the only one and looked like a fucking retard.

Rythms was up next, great song live and a hell of a lot fun to sing along to!

Next up: SBM
Deryck started playing those random notes again so I was sure that I was finally gonna hear SBM live, it sounded fucking amazing!
I actually lost my voice for a minute or so cause I was screaming along to the entire song.

Seconds after the final chord of SBM was struck, Steve started playing the drums to Skumfuk, I had already heard this song live but I still loved every second of it.
Over My Head: great song live, really gets the crowd going.

No Brains was up next, Deryck introduced it like he did several times before so I knew it was coming up and it made me very happy. No Brains is probably my favorite song to hear live and the extended bridge they played this time is definitely one of my favorites.

Right after No Brains Tom started playing a gay (as in happy) little tune I had heard before, I wasn't sure if they were gonna play Heart Attack or A.N.I.C. but changed my mind as soon as Deryck started talking about dedicating it to a very special someone. I was gonna yell Paris Hilton untill I remembered his past time with her, but to my surprise he mentioned her himself. The song itself was pretty cool to hear, but nothing extremely special.

Sick Of Everyone is an amazing song live, too bad they didn't play 'Epic' in it's entirety, but more on that later. BTW, Deryck's laughter right after the intro really gave me the chills.

Count Your last blessings gave me the chills, I was always hoping to find a live recording of this song, but I actually got to hear it live this time, SCORE!!

The Hell Song had me hoping to get up on stage this time, but no dice.
It was really enjoyable nonetheless.

Still Waiting got the whole crowd singing along, flawless performance so far.

Fat Lip has never been one of my favorite Sum 41 songs, but I wouldn't want to miss it live, it gets the entire crowd jumping, but not me this time. The crowd got so wild that I kept getting slammed into the barrier, so no jumping for me.

After a minute or two off being offstage the lights went off again and Deryck came back on stage. He wasn't carrying his modded Tele like he always does, but he wasn't carrying the Tele he uses for Pieces either so I didn't know what to expect.
After having a good look I noticed he was holding his signature squier with white X's taped on it and right before he started playing I knew he was gonna play pieces.
This song was the only minor letdown as Deryck's singing was kinda off key, but the crowd sang loud enough to make it barely noticable.

After that they started playing something I hadn't heard before, I found out they were covering 'We Will Rock You' when Deryck sang the first couple of lines.
I was hoping they'd cover Rebel Yell again but this was an awesome replacement!

After Deryck announced that this would be their last song Tom started playing the Back Where I Belong riff. I was kinda bummed out that they weren't gonna play P4P, but I had good expectations of this song as well. For some reason the little speech Deryck gave before starting the song gave me goosebumps. The song itself rocked!

Right after BWIB I started screaming 'EXIT SONG!' and it appeared to be working, they played it and I loved it more than the album version, Deryck really managed to make me feel the emotion he put into this song, I got goosebumps once again.
Edit: after watching the videos it seems unlikely that I triggered them to play exit song, but it felt that way when I was there.

So, the show already ended and I hadn't heard back from their manager so I wasn't sure what was gonna happen now.. I decided to stay put and try to get one of the crew members to get him for me. The guards refused to get Dan to come to me so I was really glad when he finally noticed me and signaled me to hold on just a second.
Moments after that he came towards me holding one of Steve's drum heads he gave it to me, but when I asked him if he could get the manager for me he told me he was too busy. So I didn't get the manager, but I did get a drum head with the fucking setlist on it!!


Just when I was about to e-mail the manager he e-mailed me asking me what my phone number was, I replied and he called me. He asked me where I was, when I told him I was still at the front he told me to wave as soon as I saw him, and so I did.
He came up to me and asked if I had some friends with me, when I said yes he told me I could bring one with me. After getting one of my friends to come with me we were taken backstage, the manager told us the guys would be there in 15 minutes. It luckily gave me some time to take the piss I had to take over 5 hours earlier.

After 2 girls joined us in the 30 minutes we had to wait I finally saw Stevo and Deryck walking up to us. Steve had the biggest grin on his face and Deryck appeared to be a little shy. When Tom and Cone joined in we shook hands and the manager told them what I do for TNS, the guys thanked me for the support and I told them I loved doing it.

I showed them the drum head Dan gave me and they all signed it, Steve started joking about someone misspelling Holy Image Of Lies, it turned out to be the setlist from the day before. Deryck started talking about playing 'Epic' live again, Cone wasn't really up for it, his facial expression suggested that it's a pretty intense song to play live. After chatting some more with the guys it was time to take group photos.
I usually look like a retard after a concert, this was no exception. Steve kept joking the whole time and I couldn't help but notice how fucking good his (and Cone's) drink smelled.


After the photo session we chatted for a couple of minutes and I showed Cone my pic of the WD Robot. I also told him we were excited to see the BIME video, they mentioned it on their twitter minutes after that.
The whole meetup lasted about 20 minutes cause they had to get going (I actually saw their tourbus on the highway not long after that) but it was extremely cool, the only downside is that I was too blown away to ask/ tell them all the things I wanted to.. even my english sounded horrible during the entire meetup.

Fun fact: although I was running on 2 hours of sleep I actually passed the driving test I had the day after the concert.

Some things I've noticed:
-Deryck was really sober and I can honestly say that this was one of his best performances, Sum 41 is getting back on track!!
-He used his signature squier with white tape on it to play pieces.
-He's currently using modded tele's, the neck even said 'Stratocaster'.
-Except for Dan, all their crew members are new.
-Their new security guy, their manager and D's/ Cone's guitar tech all look very much alike.

I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of things.. I will add stuff when I remember it.
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Re: Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby SumGeek on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:11 pm

Really enjoyed reading your show review--you even went into a lot of detail, which I like, but of course I expect that with any TNS members review of a Sum show! haha. I'm glad everything worked out for ya. I have to say, I watched the whole show on Youtube and it definately was quite the show that you made it out to be! What a great setlist. Speaking of setlist, I have to LOL at what's written on the drumhead; "Do you like me?" "Yes", "No", "Maybe" with boxes that are unchecked.
You should have brought the Walking Disaster robot! When I met someone from one of my favourite shows, I brought some memorabilia from the actual set I had and they loved it. I think bands or whatever love that kind of stuff. At least you had the pic!

Nice group photo, too. Everyone looks to be in good spirits there!
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Re: Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby Iam The Ghost on Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:22 pm

Gosh, I so envy you now. :D But congrats, it must be a great night!
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Re: Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby Sickore on Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:17 am

Great review. I found it to be really interesting. And congrats about your driving test :happy:
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Re: Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby Hentaiman on Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:51 pm

I really enjoyed your review ! Seems like you had a great time! You're so lucky!

I hope the venue was good for the show haha, unlike how I told you the Rise Against show I've been to in Tilburg.
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Re: Rocking out in Thrillburg!

Postby Shibby on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:54 pm

Yeah, I loved the show! Great review btw.
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