Billy Talent/Sum 41 in Moose Jaw

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Billy Talent/Sum 41 in Moose Jaw

Postby Dylan on Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:47 pm

Lets keep this short, shall we?

I wasn't planing on going to this show until this past Saturday, I had to switch shifts at work last minute and bought tickets online to pick up at will call, but I'm glad I did. Indian Handcrafts were funny and Hollerado was great (picked their CD up after the show).

I want to first say that I take back all my previous negativity that i've had towards Sum 41 from the past six years. I've held some resentment due to the whole cancellation fiasco, but when Sum 41 took the stage, that all went away. Just like Jeremy, I've finally got to see Sum 41 play live. Granted, it wasn't in a headlining capacity, it was still awesome. I can think of a few "cons" towards the set, and the seemingly rehearsed crowd interplay, but none of that matters. Songs that I don't listen to or never really cared for like Over My Head, and Walking Disaster were INFINITELY better than i could have ever imagined. Walking Disaster was HEAVY! I never, and i mean NEVER thought that song could come across live as it did. When they started that riff for Fat Lip, the place was nuts. The sing along bridge was the best crowd interaction in the whole set BY FAR. The crowd didn't sing along with many other songs, but everyone knew Fat Lip. I see now why they play it every night.

Seeing Sum 41 was so satisfying to me that at the moment I didn't even care that Billy Talent was coming up next. But when Billy Talent took the stage, man they fucking nailed it. They were just as amazing when i seen them three years ago, but with the added Dead Silence songs (which is a fucking awesome album). The set was perfect this time around. I realized how many songs Billy Talent has that I absolutely love. They made my emotions travel down anger, love, hate, sadness, lust and happiness all in the span of an hour and a half. The whole night ended up being the most incredible high that I never thought I'd get.

There's no meeting the band story, nor did I try; it was too fucking cold to stand outside for any amount of time. (-20 for the end of march? are you fucking kidding me!? What the fuck is this shit?).

There's nothing else to say; I'm so happy right now.
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