iPhone 5 Button Problem

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iPhone 5 Button Problem

Postby Jeremy Kill on Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:41 am

Okay, I have a bit of a problem on my hands where none of the buttons on my iPhone work at the moment. The power, home, volume and silence mode buttons/switches are all unresponsive. Even when I plug my phone in, hitting the volume button doesn't bring up that volume meter to show how loud the phone is on the screen.

Maybe it has something to do with iOS7? I updated last week and then today I updated about six apps after school. The phone was working fine when the apps updated (I believe 4Pics1Word was an app that was left to update), but then I tried using Facebook. The phone froze, none of the buttons were working and then a black screen with the Apple logo appeared. I figured it was going to reset itself and everything would be dandy, so I went to do dishes and when I came back to use my phone, none of the buttons were working. I plugged it in to charge and the screen came on, so it wasn't off. I went to an app and then realized I couldn't exit out of the app. Assistive Touch wouldn't do me much good either because I wouldn't be able to turn on the screen to unlock the phone without the home or power button.

So, does anyone have any solutions? I tried using Google, but it doesn't seem like anyone has had the same problem yet.

EDIT: I'm restoring it now at the moment to see if that works.

EDIT2: I fixed it! I'm a genius! :mrgreen:
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