Help needed for youth work

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Help needed for youth work

Postby Faeyaner on Mon May 13, 2013 5:04 pm

Hey guys,

first off I'm awfully sorry for not being active the last time, but I'm doing my A-levels right now, so I'm quite busy at the moment.

Normally this is not my thing, but I would really appreciate if you guys take a minute and head over to: ... in_id=1365

You just have to give us your vote by clicking on the button, and we can win up to 1000,- € for our youth work in our musical society. We plan to finance music lessons, instruments and a trip we do each summer for rehearsing and having fun.
Though our society is located in a village of about only 1500 people and therefore not very big, it would be really great of you to participate. Every single vote counts!

Also, if you are motivated and have the skills to persuade only 3 or 4 friends, please do so :)
have a try and test your knowledge: ... um-41-test

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