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Name: Nic Bavetta
Role: Co-Founder, Design, Administrator, Coordinator
Age: 29
Location: Chicago, IL
Music: Bruce Springsteen, Sum 41 and much more!
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: Jake for putting up with me, Matt Whibley, Chris Nary, the band for being the coolest dudes ever, and the rest of the TNS staff and community!
Bio: Been a Sum fan for years. Currently studying Computer Science at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.
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Name: Jake Brough
Role: Server Admin, Coding, Forum Administration
Age: 29
Location: Portsmouth, England
Music: Symphonic Metal, Classic Rock, Folk
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: V, for bringing this site to life.
Nic, for being an awesome designer.
Boni, for his help with the server.
Everyone else who has worked on the site both past and present and of course, all the users who have contributed to the site/forums.
Bio: I'm a university student in my final year studying for a degree in computing focusing mainly on Emerging Web Technologies, hoping to go on to achieve a masters and possibly even a doctorate after that. In my spare time I enjoy the odd engineering project, working on and driving cars, playing guitar/piano and, of course, working on TNS.
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Boni Boy Blue
Name: Christopher Boni
Role: Server Administrator, TNS’ Linux Guy, Forum Administrator
Age: 31
Location: West Lothian, Scotland
Music: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore and Punk Rock
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: Jake, V and Nic, Sum 41, the people of TNS.
Bio: Most of the work I do on TNS isn’t seen I’m afraid to say. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic PHP. I leave all the javascript and AJAX to Jake who is our resident master. Been a Sum 41 fan for a few years now ever since my Uncle brought back home Half Hour Of Power from his travels across the pond. I hail from Scotland where I sit in my castle all day long yelling at people while munching down on a bit of haggis and swigging the whisky.
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Name: Valentín Muro
Age: 51
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Name: Mitchell Kempen
Role: Modding, Content, News, V3 development
Age: 28
Location: The Netherlands
Music: Sum 41, Billy Talent, Yellowcard, Green Day, Gob
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Heather and Tomi for helping me out with the content! Thanks to everyone on the forum for being awesome! And thanks to Sum 41 for being amazing! Special thanks to my mates behind the scenes, you know who you are. ;)
Bio: Born and raised in The Netherlands, been a massive Sum 41 fan for years. Seeing and meeting Sum 41 is up there with some of my favorite moments. Generally a nice guy, but don't get on my bad side. :) I enjoy movies, drinking, hanging out and some gaming from time to time.
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Name: Tomi
Role: Social media, news posting, modding, knowing everything, helping out
Age: 32
Location: Finland
Music: Sum 41, Gob, Green Day, Quietdrive, Billy Talent, The Ataris...
E-Mail: [email protected]
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Name: Kyle
Role: Modding, Keeping Mitchell from banning everyone, putting together the Underclassmen group
Age: 28
Location: Michigan, USA
Music: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Senses Fail
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: I guess just thankful that Jake and Nic still put up with me after all these years. Still grateful that Jordan got me the opportunity to mod the media sections back in like '09. I'd also love to take this moment to thank every single active user on the website, because you guys are the reason TNS is still going strong! It's pretty great how devoted this fan base is to the wonderful band that brought us all together.
Bio: Between constant username changes and angry posts about how pointless it is to post lyrics on TNS, I'm just a college student from Michigan. I love playing Call of Duty, and watching Detroit sports on TV. I've been a fan of Sum 41 since Fat Lip was blowing up the radio, and I got my first Sum 41 CD when I was like 8 or 9 years old. My favourite song is probably The Hell Song, just because I have a thing for album openers with really sick opening riffs.
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Jeremy Kill
Name: Jeremy
Role: Forum Moderator
Age: 32
Location: Canada
Music: Sum 41, The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Nic and Matt Whibley for watching/sharing my Sum 41 fan videos. I hope I can do more in the future. Thanks to everyone at TNS, you make it a pleasure to visit the site even when I have work to do. Finally, thanks to Sum 41. I had a lot of good memories listening to your tunes.
Bio: I'm Jeremy, you may know me as CaliforniaScum, JeremyDisasters or Jeremy Kill. I've been with TNS since 2007 and a Sum 41 fan since 2004. I record my own tunes under the name "My Worst Rendezvous" and they can also be found on my YouTube page. Screaming Bloody Murder is my favorite Sum 41 album and I have yet to see the band play live. I enjoy short walks to the beer store and candlelight dinners.
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Name: Heather
Role: Contests, Chats, News and Photos
Age: 33
Location: USA
Music: Sum 41, Gob, Heart, Green Day, The Beatles, KT Tunstall, Butch Walker
E-Mail: [email protected]
Acknowledgements: Thanks to all who are involved in Sum 41 and TheresNoSolution, it’s amazing to be a part of such a great community of people from all over the world!
Bio: I'm a short, stubborn Southerner who loves to make people laugh. In 2008 I started hosting chats and running contest for Sum 41 and have had an awesome time getting to know them. As far as hobbies go, I write songs and drink lots of Dr. Pepper.
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Name: Daniel
Role: Moaning, Bitching & The Occasional Modding
Age: 33
Location: Lowestoft, UK
Music: The Gaslight Anthem, Taylor Swift & Elton John (I’m also contracted to say Sum 41)
E-Mail: You Wish
Acknowledgements: First of all, thanks to all the crazy cats who created and ran TheresNoSolution. I can’t even remember how I found the site, but it’s been an important part of my “Internet Life” since 2007. Also a massive thanks to all the members who made the place so great, past and present. I consider the majority of you friends, even though I’ll probably never meet you. Special thanks to Jake, Jeremy, Boni, Kyle, Jordan, Nic, Mitchell and everyone else who has made me smile, laugh or go batshit crazy.
Bio: Daniel Paul Bartlett - Man, Son, Brother, Legend, and the creative force behind the Internet phenomenon that is "Bobbyjames". Brought up in the 3rd world town of Lowestoft, UK, Daniel craved for celebrity stardom. With no talent, little athleticism and the face of a badgers vagina, Daniel had to realize his dreams in a new way. Bobbyjames was born. A present to the harsh and dark world of Internet forums. A bright light for abusive and sarcastic members to look up to and aspire to be. Bobbyjames won many top industry awards, including Funniest Member and Forum Dweller at the prestigious 2009 TNS Winter Awards. Bobbyjames continues to take the Internet by storm, having branched out to other highly rated social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Bobbyjames. The man who keeps on giving. The saviour of the Internet. A once in a lifetime gift to the world. Admire, aspire, and appreciate.