Deryck Whibley

Deryck Jayson Whibley was born to a 17-year-old Michelle Whibley on March 21st, 1980 in Scarborough, Canada. Deryck's biological father left before his birth, but Michelle has since remarried. Deryck was in elementary school when his family packed up and moved to Ajax.

Deryck got his first guitar at the age of 14. This highlight in his creative life was quickly followed by a long slew of bands including Powerful Young Hustlers, Eternal Death, Chemical Head, Door's of Draven, Keane's Unbeatable Teens, Kaspir and Final Notice. In 1994, Deryck met his soon-to-be best friend and bandmate, Steve Jocz. In 1996, Sum 41 was formed by Deryck, Steve, and their first bassist, Richard Roy. Not long before Sum 41 was signed, Deryck successfully graduated from Exeter High School.

Deryck's first big house was in Toronto, Canada, but he spent a great deal of 2003 either on tour or in LA with casual girlfriend, Paris Hilton. They broke up in late 2003, and not long afterwards, Deryck began a relationship with the woman who would become his wife, Avril Lavigne. They married on July 15th, 2006 and lived together in Los Angeles until their divorce in October 2009.


  • Half Hour Of Power (1999/2000), Co-producer, Guitar, Vocals
  • All Killer No Filler (2001), Drums on "Pain For Pleasure", Guitar, Vocals
  • Does This Look Infected? (2002), Guitar, Vocals
  • Chuck (2004), Producer on "Subject To Change", Guitar, Vocals, Piano
  • Go Chuck Yourself (2005/2006), Executive Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Piano
  • Underclass Hero (2007), Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Piano
  • Screaming Bloody Murder (2011), Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Piano

An asterisk (*) after the album name indicates that the collaboration was done with Sum 41.

  • Various Artists - National Lampoon's Van Wilder (Soundtrack) * (2002), Producer
  • Various Artists - FUBAR: The Album * (2002), Producer
  • Various Artists - Spider-Man Soundtrack * (2002), Producer
  • Treble Charger - Detox (2002), Co-Producer, vocals and guitar
  • No Warning - Ill Blood (2002), Co-Producer, arranger, management
  • Iggy Pop - Skull Ring * (2003), Producer, vocals, guitar, songwriter
  • No Warning - Suffer, Survive (2004), Co-Producer, arranger, management
  • Various Artists - Fantastic 4: The Album * (2004), Vocals, guitar, songwriter
  • Ludacris - Get Back (Rock Remix) [Single] (2004), Guitar
  • Various Artists - Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2* (2004), Producer
  • Iggy Pop - A Million in Prizes: The Anthology (2005), Vocals, guitar, songwriter
  • Various Artists - Killer Queen: A Tribute To Queen * (2005), Vocals, piano
  • Tommy Lee - Tommyland: The Ride (2005), Guitar
  • Permanent Me - After The Room Clears (2007), Mixing
  • The Operation M.D. - We Have An Emergency (2007), Producer
  • Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing (2007), Producer, mixing, guitar and bass on "The Best Damn Thing", "One of Those Girls" and "Contagious"
  • Neverstore – ‘Summer’
  • The Operation M.D. - Birds + Bee Stings (2010), mixing, keyboards, and piano on "Sick + Twisted