Kerrang! to stream Sum 41's show live on July 18th!
posted by TomiT14 on Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:39 pm

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To celebrate the release of Order In Decline, Kerrang! will stream Sum 41's show from Brooklyn, New York on May 29th 2019. The show was part of the very intimate No Personal Space Tour, be sure to check it out on Kerrang's Facebook page!

The stream will be online TODAY July 18th at

11:30am PDT (Los Angeles)
2:30pm EDT (New York)
7:30pm BST (London, UK)
8:30pm CEST (Paris)

The History of Sum 41
posted by TomiT14 on Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:48 pm
I thought this deserves its own thread. Both Alternative Press and Exclaim did a story about Sum 41's history. You can read Exclaim's story behind the link, but note that it has some mistakes, I'll try to fix them here. But the main timeline is interesting to read, especially for those who have become fans later on. :happy:

Exclaim: "Sum 41 Survive Teen Stardom, Substance Abuse and Changing Tastes to Rise Again on 'Out for Blood'"

The Exclaim's mistakes

- Kaspir was not a NOFX cover band, but their songs were heavily influenced by NOFX.
- Richard Roy wasn't the original member, Grant McVittie was. The band had multiple bassists before Roy joined the band. He was the longest staying bassist before Cone, though.
- This is the first time I hear that Sum 41 was formed after they attended a Hope concert. Every other instance has said it was the Warped 1996, so you can be the judge.
- Greig Nori was listed on majority of the songs as a writer. That has since been fixed. Not sure if it's up to me to share the story, but to sum up, Nori didn't write as much as he claims. Then again there's two sides of the story, believe who you want.
- No Brains is not about Jon Marshall, and they didn't have a falling out. The song is about Nori, but since he was still with the band, Deryck had to lie ("This song is about our former singer") who it was about.
- Again, two sides of a story, but Deryck has said that he got the idea for All To Blame riff from Lose Yourself by Eminem. Not sure how Ben Cook could've written the riff at the same time.
- Never heard of Lee Fairlee before. The drummer of Brown Brigade was Johnny Owens.
- The SBM tour ended in April 2013, not March. Stevo left the band only a few days after the tour.
- The DTLI 15th tour took place in 2018, not 2017.
TNS Interview with Cone 2019
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Cone was cool to answer a few questions for us. Check it out!

*Note: The questions were sent already in April.


The band has been unusually silent about the new record. Last album had snippets posted on social media, along with the traditional studio updates. What made you take a complete opposite direction this time?

I think the band just needed to go silent for a while since we were going so hard for the past few years. Also sometimes when you post studio stuff along the way people think the album is coming sooner than it really is and then there's pressure and I think it felt like we didn't want any pressure on this album with certain date expectations and all that. We are releasing studio videos now that it's all done for people to see. Best of both worlds.

How would you describe the new album?

I'd say it's a heavy aggressive melodic Sum 41 album that's probably overall the heaviest album we've done without becoming a heavy metal band....... This is still Sum 41.

How did the writing process of the album go?

Pretty normal process for us, Deryck had the songs, when he felt like he had them in a good place he sent them off to us. I wrote my bass parts when I got them, Dave and Tom came up with some guitar ideas/solo ideas and then we all got together in LA to go over them all and tweak whatever needed to be tweaked and threw around a few ideas etc.

Does it sound more like Chuck, SBM or any other album or is it completely different?

If I HAD to compare I'd say it has a little Chuck, SBM and 13 Voices in sound. But it really has its own vibe. It's not the same as any of our albums. It sounds like us though.

Do you already have a favorite track on the new album?

Kinda but it's still too early for me to choose. There is a song called "Turning Away" that I really love, first song on the album. I like the vibe of that song. Great chorus.

What kind of gear did you use on the new album?

I used the same Fender Re-Issue 1962 Bass that I've used on all our albums. Just sounds better than any other bass...... And again I used the holy grail Bass DI the "Evil Twin". Some songs would have different amps on them I think but that would have been reamped after I sent it to Deryck and so I have no idea on the amp choices....... ha .

We've seen that the new album has 10 tracks. Will there be any bonus tracks available on some special editions?

Maybe......... Not sure yet.......

Do you plan to release another single before the launch of the album?

Yup, There's a song coming called "A Death In The Family". Then maybe 1 or 2 more before the album is out! Maybe not......

This year is Chuck's 15th anniversary. Does this have any influence on your upcoming shows?

Kinda ya. We just played a whole US tour and added in a few Chuck songs to the set. "Some Say" we played for the first time in probably 12-13 years. We're hoping to play a few more Chuck songs than normal at some shows.

When will your next world tour be more likely to start?

It's looking like the real Order In Decline World Tour will start in the Fall.

You're going to play some metal festivals in Europe this Summer. Are you going to change your setlist a little bit? It could be an opportunity to play some Chuck songs.

The set list gets made day of..... haha. I have no idea!

Can you tell us about your other projects?

Well nothing crazy right now. I was producing and writing quite a bit while I was off but that's kinda taken a back seat now that Sum 41 is really busy. I am working on some of my own songs that I've written over the past 10-15 years that I'm considering releasing one day. That might be sooner than later now. Finally figuring out what songs and sounds I wanna do. I've narrowed it down to 9-11 songs that I think are awesome. Just have to find time to record them now. Pretty sure it'll happen. I even have a band name picked out.

Do you have any news about the live DVD that you were supposed to release?

Unfortunately nothing. The idea was to film that show, then add some other old footage to it as a real film but that process has kinda stalled now. Takes a lot of money to make these things and we're still trying to work that stuff out.


This interview was made in collaboration with Sum 41 France.
Order In Decline - new album out NOW!
posted by TomiT14 on Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:49 pm

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That's right Skumfuks! Sum 41 has finally given an official announcement about their upcoming 8th studio album! The new record is called Order In Decline, and will be released on July 19th this year!

The first single, Out For Blood, is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms. The music video was also released today.


Producer: Deryck Whibley
Mixed by: Deryck Whibley
Album art: Joshua Budich

The tracklist:

1. Turning Away
2. Out For Blood
3. The New Sensation
4. A Death In The Family
5. Heads Will Roll
6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
7. Never There
8. Eat You Alive
9. The People Vs…
10. Catching Fire
11. Heads Will Roll (Acoustic) [Bonus Track, Deluxe version]
12. Catching Fire (Acoustic) [Bonus Track, Deluxe version]

Pre-order the album from these official links!

Hopeless Records (USA)
Hopeless Records (Europe)
Hopeless Records (Japan) (out July 20th)
Spotify Exclusive Vinyl (USA)
Urban Outfitters exclusive vinyl (USA)
SmartPunk Exclusive Vinyl (USA)
Record Store exclusive signed CD and vinyl (UK)
Season Of Mist Exclusive Vinyl + Deluxe CD (Europe)
EMP exclusive Vinyl + Deluxe CD (Europe)
Newbury Comics exclusive signed CD (USA)
Target Exclusive Deluxe CD (USA)
Rock Sound Exclusive Cassette (Europe)

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The singles:

Out For Blood - April 24th

A Death In The Family - June 11th

Never There - June 18th

45 (A Matter Of Time) - July 8th
Tour Announcement! No Personal Space Tour '19
posted by TomiT14 on Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:18 pm
Sum 41 surprised us today with a tour announcement! The band will tour across the States playing "intimate shows" on a tour called No Personal Space Tour.

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New album thread: Summer 2019?
posted by TomiT14 on Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:22 am
So, I guess it's time to start talking about the upcoming 8th Sum 41 album. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Japan, Deryck said they are near the end of the writing process, and the album could come out as early as this Summer!

The band has been surprisingly quiet about the progress of this album. All the previous albums had several studio updates or snippets posted online, whereas this time there hasn't been any updates. That being said, Blake the video guy has a new studio update ready for release, so I guess we're really close on getting new information about the process! :silly:

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Late Bloomer by Todd Morse out now!
posted by TomiT14 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:49 pm

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Todd Morse, the other half of Operation M.D., as well as the touring guitarist of The Offspring, and a member of Juliette And The Licks, H2O and many other projects, has been working on his solo material for decades. Finally, he's able to share his debut record to everyone!

Todd wanted to make the record all by himself, without any label or other middle hands. He also wanted to have genuine interaction with fans, so he encouraged people to send him an email about what they've been thinking about the music he's released. Instead of streaming services or other digital platforms, he chose to release the album by himself, straight from the artist to the listener.

Late Bloomer is a rock album with good vibes. To support Todd and purely independent music, buy his album at!

You've probably been wondering why we keep posting about Todd Morse's project so much lately. Well, aside from him being a super cool dude, he reached out to us to help spread the word about his first solo record. He really likes what we've been doing for Sum 41 and all its related projects, so he asked if we could give him a helping hand. So I hope we've done our best!

Billy Talent covers Sum 41!
posted by TomiT14 on Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:24 am
Billy Talent played two Sum 41 covers on Saturday at their show in Toronto, with special guests Cone and Dave joining them on stage! Check out The Hell Song and Still Waiting!

TNS Live Chats with Dave and Cone!
posted by TomiT14 on Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:21 pm

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Hey fellow superfans!

TNS turned 10 last year, but we didn't celebrate it the way it deserved. To make up for it, we decided to do something special this year, so we're bringing back TNS Live Chats after 3-year hiatus!

First up will be the first live chat ever with Dave Brownsound! The chat will take place on Sunday, April 8th at 12 PM EDT / 6 PM CET.
Less than a week later, we'll get to talk with Cone on Friday, April 13th at 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET.

EDT = East Coast Time (New York, Toronto)
CET = Central Europe Time (Paris, Berlin)
Check for the correct time for your time zone!


1. Go to this link at the start time.
2. Choose a username (don't use "Cone" or such to avoid confusing others)
3. Use BLACK as your color. Don't use any other colors.
4. Enter the password: tns41cone
5. Click "Enter room"
6. After entering the chat, click "Join Chat" at the bottom of the page.
7. Start talking!


Be respectful and patient. If there are a lot of questions asked, it may take a while before yours is answered. Let's have fun!
TNS Interview with Deryck (2018)
posted by TomiT14 on Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:59 pm

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What's going on with Sum 41 these days? Deryck was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Hope you like it. :happy:


You announced an anniversary tour for Does This Look Infected?, starting in a month. This is the second time you’ll celebrate the album by playing the record front to back. What makes this album so special to you, after all these years?

Well it’s not that it’s special to me really. In fact there’s a lot I don’t like about it. Mostly to do with sound though. But it seems to be special to the fans so that’s really what’s important. Not what I think could’ve have been better sonically.

Getting the chance to hear No Brains as a five-piece is a dream come true for all the superfans. Any plans to bring the tour to Europe this time around?

We would’ve loved to have taken this all over the world but also have to make a new record at the same time. So maybe on another anniversary we can take it to other countries.

Have you considered any anniversary tours for any other albums? Underclass Hero had its 10th birthday last year, while Chuck is turning 15 next year. ;)

We don’t really think about the anniversaries too much. They just sort of happen without us realizing until fans start mentioning it.


You released two great videos taking us through the tracks of Walking Disaster and Underclass Hero with such great in-depth details. Will there be any more songs covered in the future (from Underclass or other albums)?

Yes. They take a bit of time to do. But I would like to keep doing more from all the albums.


It’s been over a year since 13 Voices came out. How do you feel about it now? Are you proud what you achieved, or is there something you would’ve done differently? How do you feel about the reception it got, from reviews and fan reactions?

I feel great about it. It was the best I could’ve done coming out of the hospital and everything that I was going through. I don’t read any reviews ever, but from what I hear and saw from the crowd it did very well.


You announced that the writing process for the new album has officially started. How far are you at the process? Do you already know in which direction the next album will take us? Any working titles you’d like to share?

All still too early to say much. I have a lot of ideas that I’m going through right now. I can say that it will definitely be a rock album. As you probably know I hate pop music and have no plans trying to “fit in” with whatever is being played on radio right now. It’s safe to say it will be a continuation of where we’re at right now. Heavy stuff, fast stuff. And probably a couple mellow things as well. But all rock music.


On your Sumback tour last year, the show in Paris was recorded for a DVD. You’ve told us that it would be a part of a documentary release. Can you tell us anything about that project? When would we expect to get our hands on it?

That is something that is in the works. Again it’s not always up to us and there are powers that be involved. But I can tell you we’re trying to make something more like a documentary rather than just a Live Show Dvd. And I hope it all works out.

Three years ago you performed at the APMAs with DMC, and there were talks of recording a song together. Has there been any progress with that project?

We have some music recorded already. It’s not finished and we’ve had trouble with our schedules. But hopefully it can come out some day.

What can the fans expect from 2018?

Recording and a little bit of touring. 2019 will be the big year!


This interview was made in collaboration with Sum 41 France.
DTLI? 15th Anniversary Tour
posted by TomiT14 on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:35 pm
Sum 41 surprised us today with an announcement for Does This Look Infected? 15th Anniversary Tour. So far all the dates are in US, but we hope the tour extends to overseas this time around.

Tickets go on sale on February 15th at 10 am local time. Check for tickets and details.

In other news, the band also announced they will be playing at Reading (August 25th) and Leeds (August 26th) festivals in UK. So in other words, Sum 41 will return to Europe for the Summer festivals! Let's hope they bring some DTLI tunes with them!

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