New OpMD music video exclusively on TNS!
posted by TomiT14 on Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:19 pm

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We are excited to announce that the new music video for the Operation M.D. single Little Miss Takes will be premiered exclusively at this Friday! How cool is that?

In the meantime, you can already listen to the song on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and all other digital retailers!

To be able to see the video you must be logged in. So try to remember your password, or if you're not a member yet, join now!

The video will be posted on a separate thread on Friday, December 8th at 1pm EST (New York) / 7pm CET (Paris). Check to see what time it is in your city.
AKNF featured in Rolling Stones 50 greatest Pop-Punk Albums!
posted by TomiT14 on Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:38 pm

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Rolling Stone listed 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums of all time, and Sum 41's All Killer No Filler made the list! Check out the list behind the link and find out how good this album really was (Hint: it wasn't #41).

Rolling Stone: 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums

My thoughts:
Spoiler: show
I'm positively surprised it got so high! And I'm shocked it was ranked better than American Idiot! :ohshiz:
10th Anniversary of Underclass Hero
posted by TomiT14 on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:54 pm

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For the 10th anniversary of Underclass Hero, Deryck posted a video where he goes through all the layers of Walking Disaster. Check it out!

Walking Disaster

Underclass Hero

For me, this is the kind of video I've dreamed of seeing. Seriously, one of my dreams has been to listen to Deryck while he goes through the songs like this. Can't remember when I've been this excited watching a video! I definitely hope he'll do more!
Deryck and Frank performing at Chester Memorial show
posted by TomiT14 on Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:09 am

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Deryck and Frank performed at the memorial show for late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington last night at the Hollywood Bowl. Check them out playing a couple of songs with Linkin Park!

Rebellion (Frank) - 02:04:57
The Catalyst (Deryck & Frank) - 02:10:06
A Light That Never Comes (Frank) - 02:52:06
Bleed It Out / The Messenger (Deryck & Frank) - 03:05:15

Watch the whole show here (featuring artists like blink-182, Yellowcard, A Day To Remember, System Of A Down and many more!):

The Carnival Of Sins - 10 years of Underclass Hero
posted by TomiT14 on Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:12 pm

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That's right, folks! 10 years has passed since Sum 41's 5th studio album, Underclass Hero hit the shelves!

For us TNSers, Underclass Hero was very special. TNS was founded in order to have a place for fans to discuss the upcoming album, so UH was the record that got this thing started.

At the time, Underclass Hero received a lot of criticism, the most compared to any other Sum 41 release. Both media and the fans were expecting a heavier record after Chuck, and UH was constantly being compared to other albums. It was also the first recording without Dave Brownsound, so a lot of fans felt disappointed. Still, a big part of the fans thought it was their best work at the time, and some think it's their best album even today.

How did you feel about Underclass Hero when it first came out? Has your view changed in 10 years?

Let's celebrate the most underrated Sum-album by sharing your favorite moments from that era using the hashtag #Underclass10.
Share pictures, make a cover for a song of your choice or post your favorite piece of lyrics!

Let's show the band that we're doing fine, still after a decade!